Friday, August 17, 2012

Antibiotics & Our Future: A response

Recently I had the opportunity to respond to an article about antibiotic use in livestock that of all places, appeared on the Baptist Press website.  That article can be found here.

I wrote a response to said article, which can be read here or here.

There is an interesting discussion going on in evangelical (and other) circles on this and similar topics.  Creation Care, Christian Ecology and other semi-popular terms being used nowadays.  That's all fine and dandy,  I only wonder if our best and brightest leaders -- and no doubt these are rock solid, outstanding leaders for the cause of Christ -- are being subtly influenced by the writings of folks such as Wendell Berry and the makers of squiggly light bulbs.

The name of the game to me seems to be sustainability, and again, the reality is that we have a global population closing in on 7 billion.

And that's 7 billion mouths to feed.

Every day.

More than once a day if possible.

During droughts.

Berry et al, are intelligent people who bring good ideas and good challenges to the table, however I continue to contend that in order to feed and clothe a growing global population, all hands will need to be on deck and multiple approaches will need to be utilized that extend above and beyond political sloganeering which number as much or more than the number of items on a drive up menu.